Shop Update: Hand Dyed Yarn

With all the eggs coming in again from our girls, I was inspired to dye up another batch of yarn based on their color ways.  I really love how the colors came out this year!  So many of the colors blend well with each other and would make a really lovely knitted easter eggsspring leaves, or a sweater.   Just in time for Easter gift making. Each skein is 220 yds {100g) of 100% Peruvian Wool in a worsted weight.

I also dyed up a few other color ways like Lilac, Hydrangea, Spring Sunrise, Dreaming of Summer, Spring Greens to name a few.  You can find them all and more in my shop here.  Update will go live at 10 am central time.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We're going to be spending as much time outside as possible soaking up the spring sunshine!


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