Knitting Project Bags

It happens every spring... I get the sewing bug.  This year it hit me when I was perusing the knitting needles at the craft store {Which they have none!  Do they really only sell bulky sized metal straight needles?  I can't be the only sock knitter in Wisconsin.  But I digress...} when I happened to walk past a display of fat quarters.  I don't normally get excited about fabric or even pay attention to it for that matter, but the tiny rectangles were all tied up with a sweet little ribbon and were just the pop of color I needed in my life right now. It was like a present waiting there for me, and it was fifty percent off.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I had to have them.

Fast forward a few days and I'm casting on a sock with the yarn I found at the thrift store last month. 
I went to find my basket I usually use for small projects, but it was full of eggs {Yay, the free loaders, ahem, I mean hens, are laying again}.  Then I noticed the little package of fabric sitting on the shelf and that it just happened to match my yarn, so I decided to make a project bag. {I used this pattern here, with a few modifications}.  I paired the fat quarters with some upcycled fabric from a skirt I found at the thrift store, too.  It has the feeling of a cotton canvas and worked perfect for adding stability to the bag.  

I have never had a good quality knitting bag and now I know why everyone likes them so much! The square corners make it sit flat and with the lining, I can fold the top down to use it as a knitting basket. Two fifty gram balls of sock yarn, along with my pattern, needles and notions fit inside.  I also like that it's squishy enough to fit inside my backpack and take it with me everywhere. 

I liked mine so much that I decided to make three more for the shop too.  These are seriously addicting and I'm already cutting fabric for more.  I hope you like them, too!


  1. Hi, I use the same pattern for reusable snack bags -I use ripstop nylon fabric for the lining. My kids love to bring snacks anywhere using the drawstring snack bag and I love that I can pull the lining out from inside the bag and throw it in the washing machine - not having to purchase plastic snack bags is the bonus!

    The 8 pattern tutorial from In Color (Jeni Baker) cost $9 - I used the Snack Bag size directions. I have made sets for baby showers and even a larger one with the pink John Deere material for a horse loving friend - she puts her horse's brushes in it to bring to shows. Love your blog. MK

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