Thrift Store Finds

At least once a week, we head to town to the thrift store.  They set out expired baked goods and slightly over ripe produce that we pick up for our chickens.  It really helps on the winter feed budget and they love to have fresh greens and treats in the winter months.  

Of course, we always manage to wander around the store for an hour looking for any new to us treasures.  My favorite area, besides books, is the craft corner.  Most weeks, the yarn bin is full of acrylics and fun furs, but this week... well, I'm pretty sure I gasped out loud since the lady next to me looked at me funny.   Two laundry baskets full of sock yarn, and cakes of mohair, cones of undyed yarn,  Lamb's Pride chunky and sport weight, a partially completed argyle sock kit {which I won't be finishing, but it was so cute}, and a few bits of others that I thought were pretty. All for around fifty cents each. I showed some restraint with the mohair cakes and cones, {aka, I didn't buy the entire basket} because I'm not completely sure they're 100% wool and will take dye.  Experiments to ensue.

How about you?  Any great thrift store finds recently?


  1. Beautiful yarn! How nice to find that quality of yarn at the thrift shop. It's surprising what shows up sometimes, isn't it?

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  2. What a great find!!! I love going to the thrift stores and looking for things. Hugs,

  3. oh yeah I found a pirate ship of playmobile for my grandson whoms sighed that it was a pitty that he couldn't buy it ;-), a tripod for my camera, some nice skeins and some nice series of fantasy books and the week after we had nothing......hihi

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