Three Little {Felt} Birds

Rise up this mornin'
Smiled with the risin' sun
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true
Sayin' this is my message to you

~ Bob Marley

This song kept going through my head this morning as I put the finishing touches on the felt birds.  It feels appropriate as the blue birds and robins have returned with gusto in the last few days.  The robins have been coming in behind the chickens, picking through their scratchings, pulling out worms and the blue birds seem to be contemplating which of our bird houses to build their nests in.

These sweet little felt birds need a new home, too.  They're made from hand dyed wool felt {I use only low impact, eco friendly dyes}, vintage fabrics, cotton embroidery thread and wool stuffing. They would be a beautiful addition to a nature table or as I discovered when I accidentally tangled them together, a wall hanging!  They would even be sweet as a mobile in a nursery.

You can find them in our MamaCollaborative shop here.

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