Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing

This week has been filled with all sorts of knitting, crochet and sewing...

The little sweater I was knitting last week has been frogged.  I ran out of yarn {sadness}, so I'm going to have to come up with something else.  Maybe stripes or a little color work pattern.  

I cast on my Tales from the Isle of Purbeck shawl.  It's been really difficult for me and I've ripped back at least three times, or I quit counting at three anyway.  Non repetitive lace knitting {aka chart reading} is something I'm not comfortable with, but wanted desperately to try and step out of my comfort zone.  I've been hiding out in the loft so that I can concentrate without any distractions.  It seems to be working as I've finally moved on past the first clue.  I'm told it gets easier from here. Good grief.  Let's hope so.  

For our Spring Equinox celebration, I made the boys each a Pokemon ball or Pokeball, as I was corrected.  They're are wild about the card game and absolutely loved their gifts.  Cole asked me to show him crochet this morning and I suspect his intentions are to make a whole arsenal of them.  

I can't seem to focus on one craft right now.  It must be the seasonal change or my work with MamaCollaborative, but I've been finding inspiration from all corners of crafting.  I especially love this little felt bird that Taryn posted about on her blog.  I'm making mine out of scraps of wool felt that I dyed last winter.  I can't wait to see these finished, and just in time for the return of the blue birds and robins.

Tell me, what have you been crafting this week?

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