Wood Carving

While the temperatures are below zero outside, we've been finding ways to occupy our hands and minds inside.  Audio books, knitting, baking, drawing, and the latest obsession, wood carving.  Cole asked for carving knives at Solstice this year and was pleased as punch when he received not one, but two sets from various family members.  He's been spending hours nestled in front of the wood stove making swords and daggers out of pine and birch.  Last weekend, Jake and I joined in the making, too. Jake started working on a spoon, but it split just as he was finishing the bowl.  Too bad, because it looked just like this spoon and I love it for making bread.  I started a wooden mushroom, after watching this video.  For my first attempt at carving anything other than sticks around the campfire, I'm happy with how it turned out.  Just a little sanding around the edges, and I'm calling it done.  
We made a huge mess, and I didn't even care.  It was such fun and I can't wait to see what else comes of our wood carving obsession this winter.  Have you done any wood carving?  We'd love some beginner project ideas if you'd like to share.

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