Knitting Goals

Do you have knitting goals for this year?  I do.  As Rachel keeps saying, this is the year to get shit done!  {She's a breath of fresh air, this woman. If you haven't checked out her blog and Instagram, you really should.}  I have so many patterns that have been sitting in my "to finish" file, it's overwhelming and exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  Some of them have been there for years.  Most of the patterns are almost finished even, just needing the photos or tutorials put into a template.  Some of them, only need a once over and then to be uploaded to Ravelry.  I get distracted with being a mom, a wife, or that little voice in my head that says it's not good enough.  I'm working on that last one by the way.  It's a big one.  Anyway, this week, I'm starting with a pattern that is the most special to me.  It was a part of our journey to homesteading and I can't wait to tell you all about it on Sunday when the pattern goes live!

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