Wood Shed

The wood shed is almost finished.  It's 8' wide x 24' long and holds nine cords of wood when filled to the roof.  As always, we built this almost completely out of recycled materials.  Most of the lumber came from a new neighbor down the road. He and his wife moved in this fall and when we got to talking, told us about a giant {about fifteen feet tall} pile of rubbish they were going to burn.  If we wanted any of it, we were welcome to it.  Posts, pallets {for the floor}, and decking were salvaged along with a giant pile of first cuts from an old saw mill that was on the property.  We're going to cut those up for fire wood.  The roofing was also salvaged from a company that builds airplane hangers. The plastic panels are used for hanger garage doors and while they have a few scratches and dents, they're perfect for keeping the snow off and letting in the sunlight, speeding up the drying process. I'd like to say that this shed will hold all of our fire wood, but it's not going to even come close.  We have one more section of roofing to finish, but I think we're going to have to add on next year.  It sure is nice to have dry firewood this year and also an accurate measure for how much we're using.

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