Holiday Knitting Roundup

Many, many projects are on the needles, which I fully intended to have done by Solstice.  Ha!  It just wasn't going to happen.  That's what iou's are for, right?  

Luke's vest was finished long before the big day and he even let me take a few photos.  I love his style.  Handmade camo mittens {from the thrift store}, dress shirt from an old halloween costume, clip on tie, and a giant furry hat he bought for fifty cents with his own money and a rainbow.  Always rainbows.   

I'm also working on a sweater vest for Cole.  He and I dyed several skeins of superwash merino to just the right color this fall. It's a gorgeous shade of purple with some orange and green undertones. Turns out my math was way off {probably because I refuse to believe he's thirteen now and as big as me} and I'm going to be about a whole skein short.  I've color matched before, but I really don't want to attempt a huge dye project in the winter time.  The light's never quite right and anyway, he just didn't care if it became a vest.  So there.  I'm using the same pattern format as Luke's vest, but since it only goes up to Size 8, I'm kind of making it up as I go along.  It seems to be a good fit so far.  The edging will have to wait, though.  I sat on my Size 5 circular needle I was going to use and broke it right in half.  

While I'm waiting until I can get to town, {it's forty miles to any sizable town} I'm finishing the crown of Mike's 1898 Hat.  I've followed the pattern exactly, except I'm decreasing at four points using psso instead of k2tog.  I like the straight lines of the decrease to compliment the earflap construction.  

How about you?  Any holiday iou's still hanging out in your basket?

p.s.  Joining Ginny for Yarn Along

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