Bread Baking: Week 2

This week was all about getting the right amount of moisture in the bread dough.  Each day, I successively decreased the amount of flour, a quarter cup at a time.  Just shy of two and a half cups seems to be the magic number for a nice soft loaf.  The boys have enjoyed the daily bread making, too, and once in a while I have help kneading dough.

The good:  I added a spoonful of honey to the yeast water, and it made all the difference in flavor. Mike brushed melted butter to the finished loaf on Friday, and sprinkled sea salt on top before it dried.  The best yet!

The bad:  The loaf is small and disappears in about fifteen minutes.  I'm realizing that if I want to make enough bread for us to replace store bought bread, I'm going to need to either make one larger loaf or two smaller loaves per day.  

The ugly: I forgot about Tuesday's loaf and it fell.  It didn't look pretty, but it tasted good.

Next week's goals....  Larger loaf.  Adding herbs.

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