Corn Husk Wreath

I came across this recently and Luke asked if we could make it.  Not wanting to spend any money, we made our own straw wreath base out of our hay and twine, then raided the neighbor's field for left over corn.  A little hot glue was all it took to secure the husks in place.  The boy who rarely lets me take his photo asked if I could take one of his wreath.  Be still my heart.  Now where to hang it?


  1. it's lovely - and he is so super cute!

  2. what a neat idea! love this! We have some corn husks but they may be too far gone to try it. I will for sure remember to make one next year

    1. You can always soak them in water to make them more pliable.

  3. It is lovely, it makes me think of sunflowers, but autumn at the same time :D

  4. Absolutely love this photo...and the project! I love the simplicity of it all!
    xo Jules


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