Autumn Equinox

Can you believe that it's here already?  I'm beyond thrilled to be thinking about woodstoves and pumpkins, woolens and knitting, early to bed evenings and slowing down to visit friends and family. Even though the temperatures aren't showing it this week, Autumn is sure to come in a hurry.  We have so much to do to get ready for dare I say it... winter.  We've made a list and each day our goal is to check off at least one chore.  On this most special day for us, our chores are of baking apple pie {maybe even two}, a bonfire and a moon walk late tonight.  Simple and sweet.

Speaking of warm and cozy, simple and sweet.  How about these?  We don't have any wee ones in our family right now, but I couldn't resist casting on for a tiny pair of wool longies. It's been ages since I made a pair, so  I cast them on and off earlier this week.  I imagined a tiny little farmer boy wearing these, tucked into his mama's sling, toasty warm and dry while she went about her daily farm chores.  Oh, how I wish I'd had babies here on the homestead.  Anyway, they're here in my Etsy shop for another special wee one to enjoy.  

Wishing you a lovely first day of Autumn and may this be a long, glorious season.

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