Oh, it's been quite the week...

Mike left on an impromptu road trip for five days.  We were house sitting for my brother when he got the call.  His cousin was buying a new spray foam machine, but it was in Florida.  If Mike agreed to ride with, to keep him company, his cousin would spray foam our house for free.  I was really excited for him to see the countryside and for us to have a warm floor this winter.  I reminded him that this is the reason we chose this lifestyle.  So that when these kinds of opportunities arise, we're able to be flexible and take them! He wasn't sure it was a good idea to leave me and the kids alone in the middle of the woods, but I assured him we would be fine and to go have fun.  With one change of clothes, a toothbrush, and his pillow, Mike set out on a Saturday for a cross country excursion.

That's when it all went down hill.  Fast.

Cole got the flu.  Then Luke.  I pretended to be healthy.

One chick disappeared every morning for five days.

Seven of our eight newborn kittens died.

Our beloved old cat, Marco, died too.  Of old age, we think.

Then to top it all off, both of our vehicles broke down.  One ended up being just a dead battery, but still.

I'm glad that week is behind us.

Maybe we can just look at some pretty photos and pretend that none of it ever happened.

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