Last month our laptop charger broke and it's taken almost that long to get a new one.  {Apple, could you please redesign your charger cords, so I don't have to keep replacing them every six months.  It's kind of spendy.} Yes, that means we went a whole month without the computer.  Well, sort of.  It means that we had to work from a borrowed smart phone and that, my friends, is not a workable solution.  Smart phones, are not very smart.  Talk about a time suck.  That little contraption can go anywhere and everywhere.  I found it in my pocket, in my backpack, in the garden, and even in the boat.  It was great for keeping up with orders in the shop, emails, and the occasional Instagram photo {we're on Instagram, now!}, but terrible for any kind of writing here on the blog.  Hello tiny buttons, made for inhuman sized fingers. And it's impossible to upload or edit photos from my dslr.  {At least, as far as my technical abilities will allow.}  Anyhow, it's nice to be back in this space again, reconnecting, and I can't wait to show you what we've been doing around the homestead these last few weeks.  

p.s.  If you have an Instagram account, please do share in the comments.  I've kind of fallen in love. The vibe is so much better than Facebook and the like.

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