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I finished knitting my L'Arbre Hat this morning while snuggled up next to the warmth of the wood stove.  Outside the window, a light frost covered the ground, eliminating all motivation to get going on morning chores.  I'm sure glad we've only got frost hardy seeds in the ground.  We usually plant the more tender crops around Mother's Day, but we just didn't have time yet.  I'm also glad that these spring cold snaps don't last long, because being unmotivated is not a good thing this time of year. We're trying to get the garden planted and the inside walls and floors done before company comes next weekend.  I'm sure glad I have my knitting to keep me sane during these hectic days.  Maybe this post should have been titled "Things I'm Glad About".  

Anyway, back to the hat.  

I loved this pattern.  The instructions were clear and anything you may have trouble with is explained on their blog post.  I did make a few changes...  I used a Size 6 needle, because I couldn't find my Size 8's.  To compensate for the smaller needles, I cast on 88 stitches and then increased 8 stitches {or one repeat} just after the ribbing.  It fits just about right, but I do wish that I'd ribbed for two inches instead.  I don't like the way the one inch ribbing always wants to fold under.  It just occured to me that if I'd cast on the extra eight stitches right away, the edge may not pull in like that, but I really dislike hat a loose hat that doesn't stay put.  I have quite a bit of yarn left, os maybe I'll snip off the ribbing and redo it with a two inch edge.  Or maybe not.  

What are you knitting today?

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