Out My Window

While I'm waiting for the oatmeal and coffee to finish cooking, I thought it would be fun to share what's going on outside our windows right now...

::  Pasture raised chickens.  We're thinking about adding a flock of Quail or Chuckers for meat this year.  Anyone have thoughts or experiences with these species?

::  Everything is still brown, but after last night's thunderstorm, I can only imagine how quickly the grasses and wild edibles will start sprouting and greening up the earth.

::  Luke offered to build potato boxes after we discussed new ways to grow potatoes this year.  Seven boxes have made it to the garden so far and he says he'll stop when a.) he runs out of scrap wood or b.) he gets tired of making them.  Running out of scrap wood is not likely, so hopefully I'll have a dozen before he grows weary.  Also, I kicked him off the front porch, so he took a break from box making to build himself a crafting table {as he called it} out in the yard.  Wait, I'm sensing a Minecraft theme going on here.

What's happening out your window right now?

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