He Knits

It started with a knit chicken...  I cast on for it in the car one afternoon while riding to town.  No one seemed to think it looked like much of anything, which was true.  A few days went by, adding the eyes, comb, beak and wattles whenever there were a few quiet moments.  I set it on the window sill and forgot about it.  Then one afternoon, Luke gave out such a shriek from inside the house, I thought something was seriously wrong.  Turns out he thought my chicken was the greatest thing in the whole world and could I teach him to knit one?  Um, yeah!  Before he could change his mind or lose interest, I found him a pair of needles and a ball of leftover yarn from the chicken I knit.  I explained to him that working in the round on double pointed needles may be a little tricky for someone just starting out and showed him the chicken from The Children's Year.  He agreed and within five minutes had cast on for his first project.  To say he enjoys knitting is a bit of an understatement.  In the last few weeks, I've heard things like;  "Mama, have you seen my knitting bag?"  "Mama, do you want to come knit at the table with me?"  "Mama, can you check my stitches?"  Oh, my heart is full.

{Joining Ginny}