Sweet Sap

With a carton full of fresh eggs, we walked down the gravel road to check in on our neighbors. They're seventy five and we hadn't seen them since November, so we hoped they were well.  Fifty two years of marriage {or fifty five, as Jan corrects him} has gifted them a lifetime of stories, and they love to talk.  Apparently, they were loggers for more than twenty years, living as nomads, from forest to forest, with three children, many miles from town, without electricity or water.  They worked hard, laughed hard, and loved much.  I respect them more than words.  

We showed up unannounced and only intended to stay a few minutes.  Two and a half hours and a few dozen cookies later, I said that we'd better let Lawrence finish his work before dark.  When we arrived, he was making his rounds in the woods, emptying sap buckets.  Jan says he has too many trees to handle this year.  He just looks at her and walks out to the root cellar.  She says he's got a hard head.  He came back and handed us a jar filled with amber goodness...   The sweet sap, as Luke calls it.

Maple syrup and an afternoon of story telling for a carton of eggs...  I do believe we ended up on the better end of this unexpected trade.


Fresh Cut Soap

Lemongrass and thyme.  Freshly cut this morning, our homemade soap smells like in an herb garden on a warm sunny afternoon.  Sunny and warm... we can all dream, can't we?   


Tiny House Window

While the guys spent the afternoon installing a window {another freebe} in our tiny house mudroom, I spent the day dyeing yarn for the shop.  Tomorrow, they're talking snow.


Pallet Barn

After seven long days house sitting for my brother, we're finally home.  It feels so good to wake up in my own bed and get back to our daily routine.  

Homestead projects have also resumed. 

We lost so much of our stuff this year due to lack of proper storage; furniture, clothing, personal mementoes, that we decided the barn needed our attention most right now.  At the time, loosing so much seemed devastating, but it turns out that almost a year later, we don't really miss anything we lost and it's incredibly freeing to know how little we want and need now.  Pretty much everything we own will fit into this 8 x 13 ft barn.  

I think the chickens were a little disappointed that the barn wasn't for them.


House Sitting

A few days of house sitting for my brother and his new wife...  Hunting for agates in their sand pit. Searching for new growth in the forest.  Hot showers every single day.  Snuggling with their animals. Missing our chickens like crazy.  


Spring on the Homestead

This last week all of our snow melted and the spring projects have begun in full swing...

::  Fresh laundry on the line. 

::  New mud boots.  My ugly brown boots, that I've been wearing for years, originally belonged to my oldest son Jake.  He outgrew them at about ten years old and now they fit Cole.  He's just about the same height as me now.  {Sigh}  Lucky me though, because every farm girl needs a cute pair of boots, right?

::  Cleaning out the chicken coop.  We used the deep litter method this winter, so now we have oodles of rich compost for the gardens.  They've thanked us with a rainbow of fresh farm eggs.

Wishing you all a happy Spring!


A Knitted Cap

Inspired by a hand painted textile rug I found on Pinterest,  I knew that I wanted to use the textile design to make a hat.  I charted my pattern and found just enough yarn in my stash to make a color patterned cap.  My original chart {above} ended up having too many rows, so I edited the rows down to make it fit.  I did indeed have just enough yarn and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.


Thrift Store Finds

We don't buy much stuff anymore, both for lack of space and need, but there are a few things that have been on my wish list for a long time...  a clay roaster for baking directly in the wood stove and a tortilla warmer.  I have coveted both for a long time, but haven't been willing to pay the price that comes with purchasing goods new.  My patience has finally paid off...  functional, beautiful and all for less than ten dollars.  I love thrift stores finds.


Chicken Littles

The symbiosis between us and these creatures is greater than I ever could have imagined.  

So much gratitude for this life we live.


Hand Dyed Mini Skeins

A table full of hand dyed yarn to be reskeined into mini's.  They're just one of the color ways I'm dyeing for this year's Easter Basket Knitting Kits.  They'll be for sale in the shop next week.



It's late winter and all manners of making keep our hands occupied and our minds sane...

:: Luke is loving risotto with carrot curls

:: I'm putting the final touches on my new hat pattern

:: Cole is carving a giant crochet hook

What are you making today?


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