Winter Lust

The cold.  The snow.  The quiet.  The peace.  The vastness.

I've lived in this climate all my life, and by now I've usually got cabin fever with an aching in my bones for the warm sun to return.  An uneasiness settles in.

This year it's not the case.

I have a new lust for winter.

Maybe it's the naivete of our first year off grid... or spending more time outside... or the simple contentment with life... or a true connection to the days.

I suspect it's a little of these along with a lot of other reasons.

Mostly, I think it's because we were scared shitless about making it through our first winter... off grid... in a tiny house with five people and whether or not we'd freeze to death or kill each other.  Or both.

We're over the halfway mark, and so far we're a long way from either.

Ask me again at the end of March, but right now, I am having a love affair with winter.

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