The Daily Egg :: A Desktop Calender

If you follow us on Facebook, you'll know all about this photo.  If not, let me catch you up...

A couple of weeks ago, our ladies started laying eggs on a pretty regular basis.  Mike thought it would be fun to photograph the eggs that he and the boys were collecting each morning.  It's turned into a full blown family photo project.

I know a few of you have emailed us about selling prints, postcards, and calendars of The Daily Egg, we're working on it and will let you know when they will be available in the shop.

For now, as an experiment of sorts, we've created a desktop wallpaper calendar.  It's free and we hope you enjoy!  Click the link below and save to your computer.  {We're new to digital artwork, so if you have any problems or questions, just ask.}

The Daily Egg Calendar

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