In and Out

Outside:  The air has warmed to just above zero and the snow is falling softly.  

Inside:  The wood stove is crackling, Cole is mixing up a batch of waffles, and Mike and I are finishing shop orders from the week.

What's happening in and out at your house today?


  1. lots of snow, predicting up to 4 feet in some areas. wind is tossing it everywhere, the interstate highway lowered its speed to 40 mph. And I love it!! Winter is here! Plus it means I have an excuse to knit and watch movies all day with the offspring :)

  2. outside: cold, winds and snow...but briefly some sun, too! looked like we were in a snow globe for a while.

    inside: woodstove, birthday-cake-making, and playing with visiting cousins.

  3. Very cold temps here in Tennessee. However NO snow. Sadly we haven't had a good snow all Winter yet. Maybe we will get at least one. We also have the fire place burning and crakling like there is no tomorrow.


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