Tiny House Update

It's beginning to feel like this house is never going to be finished, but it wouldn't be an adventure with out challenges and obstacles would it?  Weather has been the biggest factor for us.  Rain. Rain. And more rain.  This week though, we tackled the hardest part of the house... how to get those upper walls in place without renting expensive equipment or having to call 911.  We spent the better part of a day walking around looking at it, scratching our heads and trying to agree on a system that would work.  Finally, we decided on a lever system.  For the sides, we used the front of the house as a fulcrum.  Two of us pushed the short end up over the wall with 2 x 4's, while the other two pulled it from the inside.  For the front wall, we attached temporary arms.  With the wall upside down, we lifted it onto the arms and then using  2 x 4's attached to the sides, we rotated the wall into it's upright position.    The two guys on the inside, held it into place.  Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of this incredible feat, because 1.) I was in charge of one of the pivoting 2 x4's and 2.) The little kids were confined to a far off location so as not to get hurt.  I'm thinking our method probably wasn't OSHA approved, but it worked! 

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