In the Garden

This week in the garden...

::  tiny flying creatures of all kinds

::  alfalfa, clover and other wildflowers

:: tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, winter and summer squash, pole beans, bush beans, sweet potatoes, corn.  This week I hope to get much more in the ground, especially herbs.  We've missed the boat on a lot of the early season veggies, so we're working toward a bountiful fall garden instead.  

::   removing more sod... a task that seems to never end

::  working a few hours in the cool late evening air, watching the sun set over the forest

What's growing in your garden this week?


  1. The first zucchini's have been harvested, asparagus season is already over, the tomatoes (in the greenhouse) are still green. All the raspberries have been picked and the strawberries , too. We are waiting for the peaches.

  2. I would kill for fresh peaches! Yumm...

  3. Looks wonderful & challenging all wrapped up together. Lots of sweet red clover to dry - makes an excellent tea, and infused oil for skin stuff.

  4. I am finding a tremendous amount of peace and happiness reading your latest blog posts. Hard, sustaining work always begets such a satisfying peace.


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