How To Dig A Sand Point Well

How do you dig a sand point well?  Here's how it goes...

Find underground water source.

Twist auger into the ground until barrel is full.  Remove and shake out dirt/rocks/sand.  Check dirt for moisture level.  Group inspection of hole.  Repeat until you have standing water.  Do happy water dance.

You could just feel the anticipation every time the auger came out of the ground.  "Is there water yet?" someone would ask.  Both our neighbors said they hit water at 8 feet and sure enough, with two feet of pipe remaining, we heard the gurgling of water springing up from the earth.  We tried to keep going, but the walls began to cave in, so we put a piece of plywood over the hole and called it a day.  Now, we have to wait for the well pipes to arrive and we can pound the sand point into the deeper, potable water.

The neighbors say good water is between 20 and 40 feet.  We only hit one largish rock with the auger and we're crossing our fingers that we can make it the rest of the way without any major obstacles.