Calling it Quits

Mike came home from work one evening a few weeks ago and said, "Well, I did it.  I put in my notice and my last day of work is June 1st."  I was in my studio and I can't remember what I was working on, but I dropped it.  Out of shock.  I knew it was coming, since we'd been talking about it for years, but it was one thing to say you're going to give up financial stability for self employment and another to actually do it.  There was a moment when I couldn't breathe.  All the words of the doubters came flooding into my mind, but as he said the words, I could see the weight lift from his body, and I put their words behind me.

Sure, he could keep working and we could build our tiny house on weekends.  We could keep saving and planning and waiting until we're ready, but at some point you have to just say it's enough and start doing

So, here we are.  Calling it quits on the old and movin' on to the new.