::  Pizza, pizza and more pizza.  We all decided we could do without it for a good, long time.

::  Finished knitting a hat for Mike and worked on another log cabin square.

::  Poured through gardening books and youtube videos.  I decided to use a few select books and stick with them, otherwise, all the information just gets to be so overwhelming.  Who knew sun, soil and water could be so complicated!

::  We made a trip to our local nursery for seedling trays.  All they had were the tray kits, so I asked if they had any left over trays from the greenhouse that we could buy, he told us we'd have to dig through the snow bank, but we could help ourselves.... for FREE!

::  Fresh haircuts.  I'm getting pretty good with a clippers.

::  Long walks in the sunshine, because it's almost like spring outside.  The temps made it into the 40's this weekend and that hasn't happened since November.

Did you do something fun this weekend?