Weekend Sewing

I half hoped we'd be able to make a trip up to the land this weekend, but spring hasn't exactly sprung yet.  It's only going to be in the 20's for the next few days, so instead we're working on some indoor projects.  

I've gotten the spring sewing bug, so I made a few new zipper pouches.  A change pouch for Luke, pencil cases for Jake and Cole, and a knitting needle case for me.  All made from hand dyed hemp and organic cotton. 

Our onion seedlings are coming along nicely.  We planted a tray of leeks earlier this week and have many more onions to get started.  Now where to put all these trays?  No flat surface is safe.  I may have to talk Mike into building a cold frame or we're going to run out of space!

Are you working on any projects this weekend?

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