Planting Seeds

Mike, the boys and I sat around the kitchen table, listening to the melting snow pour off the roof.  It was loud, even with the windows shut.  "Just think of all the water we could be collecting," Mike and I mentioned to each other.  Most of our conversations turn this direction lately, consumed with all matters of homesteading....

Getting the seeds started is at the top of our to do list.  Firstly, because it's fun to play in the dirt when there's still three feet of snow in our front yard (six feet, if you count the end of the driveway). Secondly, our garden app is telling us it's time.  I love this tool, especially as a beginner.  It gives me visual lists and charts of everything we're going to plant and plenty of space for notes.  I can layout the garden on a grid and it tells me just exactly how much room I need for each plant, along with any companion plants I could put around it.  It's been so much more helpful than the dozens of scrap paper notes I have laying around. This is probably the first time I've ever chosen an electronic device over traditional pen and paper. (Even my blog posts are initially written by hand.)  Creating a garden to feed all five of us, for the whole year, is a huge undertaking and this makes me feel so much more focused on getting and keeping everything in order. 

This week, we're starting green, white, and yellow onions, shallots, and chives.  We managed to plant about 120 of the 650 seeds before we ran out of the organic seed starter.  Lesson learned #1:  It's going to take A LOT more seed starter that we realized, and I'm hoping to find bags in larger quantity or maybe even mix my own.  Do you mix your own and have a favorite recipe to share? 

Oh, I almost forgot.  The gadget we're using is called a soil blocker.  It was recommended by Amanda a few years ago and I have to say that so far, we're all liking it.  We can get about 40 - two inch cubes in our recycled trays.

p.s.  We aren't affiliated with any of the products listed here, we just really like them a lot and thought you might too.

p.s.s. Mike ordered our chickens, turkeys and guinea hens, to be delivered May 28th.  Eeek!

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