12 Days of Solstice: Day 4

A great covert operation is under way around here:  handmade holiday gifts.  In our house, someone is always awake.  This means that there is never any good time for secret gift making and we have to get creative.  I won't even mention the hat I knit in the bathroom one year!  A few rows here, a few rows there...

Jake is up to something in the basement.

Luke has three gifts wrapped and under the tree.

I managed to knit this sweet little fox, while Mike and I watched a movie last night.  It's for Luke and I'm hoping that I can finish it tomorrow morning before he wakes up.

Now, that only leaves a gift for Cole, Jake and Mike.  I can totally make that happen in seven days, right?  Um, it's a good thing they won't mind if their handmade gifts are a little late this year!

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