We Live Here

Well, it's official... after all these months, our little piece of land finally has an address.  Which means we were also granted permits.  Which means that we can finally start building!

Now, we're on a race against the weather to get the shell finished before it snows.

This weekend we had the cement, gravel and posts delivered for the footings.  Luke was pretty thrilled to see the semi trailer waiting for us when we arrived.  It's not every day you have a fork lift in your yard!  (Mike and I were grateful that we didn't have to move 36 bags of cement by hand.)  A few of the supplies didn't arrive, as they had to be special ordered, so we wrapped the palates up tight until we can return next weekend.  


*we finished putting up the wooden fencing we pulled from our deconstruction project this summer.  Of course, that's when my camera battery died, so no photos of the finished fence.

*we warmed our toes around the bonfire.

*the boys practiced their archery skills.

*we took a walk through the woods, noticing all the brilliant color.  

*we reconnected with some of our farm neighbors that we haven't seen all summer.

How about you?  Did you do anything fun this weekend?