Yesterday evening we had friends over for dinner.  (A potluck of quiche, a pot of chili and baked apples with ice cream... in case you're wondering.) They have three boys, we have three boys.  And my friend, well, she likes to knit too.   We all look forward to our weekly gatherings of food, games and laughter.  I'm so grateful for their friendship.

After they left for the night, I realized what I wanted to write about for the first Simplify post.  Values.  Before you can even start to think about decluttering and organizing, you have to figure out what is most important in your life.  What brings you joy?  What fuels your creativity?  What are your goals?  How do you choose to spend your time?   What do you want your life to look like?

Write down your answers on a piece of paper, and hang it up where you can see it every single day.  For our kids, we also played a game.  If you could only keep 10 things, what would they be and why.  It was very revealing, and a few things I thought would be important to them, weren't even on their lists.

Here's a few things that I value in my life:

* Walks through the woods

* Being with friends

* Quiet time with Mike

* Painting

* Books

* Yarn

* Favorite t shirt

* Grandma's jewelry box

After you've created a clear vision of your values, it will be much easier to move onto the next step... decluttering.

What would you write on your list?