Do you ever notice that it takes a while to transition back to a normal routine, after being away from home so long?  South Dakota was such a rush of a trip, constantly in go, go, going mode, that I find myself needing to be reminded to re-adjust and slow things down.  Being self employed and unschooling our kids, I often forget how normal it is to live in a culture where people's daily lives move at break neck speed.  It's a good reminder, though, of why we've made these choices to live at a more natural pace, where we have time to think, learn and create.

Here are a few moments from the week:  

::  Feeling so very grateful for a craigslist find (and for a borrowed van)...  Seven brand new windows for $100!  Except for two large patio doors, these are all the windows we'll need for the homestead.

::  Knitting outside in the cooler weather.  I'm still working on the new sweater design, getting it just right.  I really can't wait to share when it's finished. 

::  Watching one magnificent sunflower bloom in the front yard!  A seed must have fallen from the pinecone bird feeders we put out this winter.

::  Spending time in the studio, making upcycled felt journals for the shop.  We use these journals all the time here at home for everything from list making to nature journals, sketchbooks, stories, and more.  I have about a hundred of them filled with knitting pattern notes!

I hope you've had a lovely week, too.

{p.s. Joining in with Ginny}

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