Well, blueberry planting was a bust.  Rain, rain, and just for kicks, a torrential down pour thrown in.  With all that rain, we were mostly inside, which equaled lots of knitting and designing time for me!  I finished the sweater I was working on last week, and was able to try it on a kiddo of the same size.  Unfortunately, it was about a size and a half too big.  That's why I test knit all the sizes, folks.  Sometimes the standard measurements don't mean squat.  I'm really not happy with the way the picked up edge looked either, so I'm making a few adjustments in the next sweater.

Anyway, I'm loving this color combo of aqua and country red.  Of course I ran out of yarn after joining the sleeves, so I dyed more, hoping it would match close enough.  I think it's too dark, though, so I'm going to try one more time.  The country red is left over from a skein I dyed years ago.  Oh, I hope I have enough of that one, too!

What are you knitting this week?

{Joining in with Ginny}

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