It's A Snow Thing

I'm so over this snow thing.  It's dark and dreary and I couldn't get any photos taken of the decluttering progress.  At least I have knitting and this photo from last year on this date to remind me that, even in Wisconsin, the snow can't last forever.

Speaking of knitting, a few of the test knitters, for the Clyde Bonnet, have posted project photos on Ravelry.  They are looking very cute!  


  1. Oh I am so over snow too! More fell today. Little man and I went on a nature walk and sang a song to remind Mother Nature that it is spring...we sure hope she was listening :)

  2. A nature walk sounds like a great idea.... if only it would quit snowing/sleeting so we could get out!

  3. Oh I can relate as we woke up to snow here in northern VT as well - I guess we will just appreciate it when spring really does arrive.

  4. I absolutely cannot believe that there is still snow falling somewhere in the continental United States!! Unbelievable. May spring come to you . . . and soon!!!


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