Clyde Bonnet

I'm officially calling the kitchen clean up done!  All except the junk drawer, which I'm desperately avoiding.  Instead, I'm moving on to my studio.  Sifting through old projects and notes is a lot more fun than organizing the odd bits of junk anyway.

What's even more exciting is discovering designs that I've knit, most of them I've even photographed, but never taken the time to write up the pattern.  That's what I'm going to work toward this spring.  Completing all my designs from start to finish.  I probably say this every spring, but this year I mean it!

(Size 4 to 6 years)

(Size 6 to 12 Months)

(Size 6 to 12 Months)

(Size Newborn or large newborn sized doll, as shown)

This is the first of many new knitting patterns.....

So I designed this adorable little bonnet a few years ago for all the wee ones (and their dolls) in my family.  It involves my two favorite parts of knitting:  1.) garter stitch and 2.) i cord.  (My friends won't mention to you that I used to curse the two, but I've grown to love them over my knitting years.)  

The bonnet has nice shaping to accommodate the back of the head, while leaving the neck natural, to avoid drafts.  The ties are good for babies and toddlers, because you know, they don't keep hats on their heads.  My older guys also appreciate the ties because when worn with a cape, "it just looks cool".  I love ties for the contrast in color, because I just love a pop of color.

I had a hard time coming up with a name, so I went to my boys.  I've seen many pixie style bonnets with pointy tops, but that just didn't seem a likely name for my bunch.  Jake said, "How about Clyde?"  Well, wouldn't you know, it's a Scottish name that means warm and snug.  Yeah, we're going with Clyde.

I've knit about a half dozen of these bonnets, but I'd like to open this pattern up to test knitters as well.  If you'd like to test knit the Clyde Bonnet, I'll take the first 10 participants.  

A few notes:  The pattern is written for sizes newborn to 10 years.  I used Size 6 (4mm) needles and 220 yards of worsted weight wool for the largest size.  I think a worsted weight cotton would also be lovely for Spring.

Here are the requirements:

*Email me your info at:  thesittingtree at gmail dot com    
*Project Completion Date:  April 20th
*Link completed project and photo to the Clyde Bonnet on Ravelry (I'll get the link posted this week, sometime.)

Thank you so much for participating and I look forward to seeing what colors everyone chooses!

Joining in with Ginny today.

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