Homesteading: Permaculture and No Till Gardening

Homesteading:  A weekly account of our journey to becoming off grid homesteaders.  Our path will be long as we are only paying in cash and our funds are very limited.  Mike and I have no idea what we're doing so we'll be learning as we go.  I know we'll make mistakes and that's ok.  It's all part of the process.  

We would love to read about your homesteading experiences, so if you'd like to share your favorite resources, tips, funny stories, recipes, books, website or even just a photo from the week, please leave a link in the comments.

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We're hanging out at the library today, immersed in a pile of books related to all things homesteading.  The method of permaculture, and especially no till gardening, has been on the forefront of my mind, as we decide how we want to move forward with feeding our family from the earth and not the grocery store.

I first discovered permaculture a few years ago on a blog Farmama.  Sadly, she's not blogging anymore, but her visions of small scale agriculture were inspirational.  I remember one post in particular where she wrote about no till gardening.  Instead of turning over the soil at the beginning and end of each season, the soil remained undisturbed.  It allowed the soil surface and micro organisms to work together, creating natural aeration (worms love the layers of cardboard and organic matter),  significantly reducing weeds, retaining soil carbon, and so much more.

This no till method, it feels just about right for us.

For now, we're hoarding cardboard.  Eliminating weeds and grass is the first step of the process.  Just as soon as the snow melts!

Here are a few links we've liked:

Midwest Permaculture


Do you have any experience with no till gardening?

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