Back Online

Well, after much begging and pleading from everyone, we're back online in the house now.  If we weren't a democratic family, I alone would act as supreme ruler, and the internet would be banned from the premises forever.  (Un)Fortunately, my homeschooled children came up with many well reasoned arguments why we needed to have it in the house.  The vote was four to one.  I reminded them how much more fun I was without the distraction of Facebook.  And Pinterest.  And emails.  "Remember all the fun crafts and road trips and meals we cooked together?" I asked.  They just looked at me with their one raised eyebrow (it's a thing they can all do, except me), and then I realized the internet problem was with me and not them.

During our time off, I was amazed that most of my daily work, both business and personal, could be finished in about an hour at our evening trip to the library.  I was writing blog posts at home on paper. Editing photos ahead of time.  Social media was kept to a minimum.  Mindless surfing became nonexistent.  Everything was organized and efficient.  Then at the end of my hour, I was done.  I could shut the computer down and know that I didn't need to look at it again until tomorrow.  It was incredibly freeing and I was afraid that if it came back into our house, I wouldn't be able to follow my same self imposed rules.  We'll see.  So far, so good.  I have high hopes, and lots of knitting to distract me!

Here are a few of the projects I finally had time to finished over that last couple weeks.  Most just needed something as simple as buttons or darning in ends.  Many of them are samples for patterns I'm working on and some will end up for sale in the shop.  Either way, it's so rewarding to be able to empty the work in progress basket and get many of the patterns ready to go off to the editor!

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