Botanical Calendar

From all the excitement this week around Cole, I wanted to spend some special time alone with Luke. While Cole was napping, he and I decided to finish up our calendar project we started a week ago.  Both of us wanted to use some of the flowers we pressed back in the spring, and used the template from this one as a guide.  For the holes at the top, I got out the leather punch, and of course a botanical calendar needed plant dyed yarn to tie the pages together.  Luke is so happy with how the design turned out.  Wouldn't this make a beautiful gift for the holidays?  I think we'll be making a few more!

Cole's gotten the all clear from his doctor to go back up north to the land, provided he doesn't jump off of any rocks or climb tree forts!  We'll be taking a long weekend celebrating the Autumnal Equinox and be back here on Tuesday with lots to share for the homesteading series.  

~Happy Autumn, friends~

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