Handmade Holidays

Handmade holidays in July?  Yes.  I promised myself a long time ago that if I was going to give hand knit gifts, I wouldn't wait to begin until two weeks before the gift giving day.

I promised myself, because one winter I knit 23 pairs of slippers in 14 days.  It was my last year in college.  It was the brief period of time when I hadn't quite recovered from the insanity of cramming for finals and the warm nostalgia of family traditions.  Add to the mix a husband, a six year old, and a one year old; clearly, the lack of sleep effected my common sense.  I haven't knit a slipper since.  Maybe it's time to try again.  Maybe next week.

This week, to kick things off, I decided to start with a small project. (It's 90 some degrees, after all.)  The Mira Sweater for my niece, who just turned two.  It's a really fast, easy knit and I love the buttons my oldest son, Jake, made for me.  I also made a few changes from my original pattern.  You can find all the notes over on Ravelry.

Have you started any holiday making?  Feel free to share a link in the comments.

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