Library Day

Yesterday morning Luke asked if we could go to the library.  Of course, I said.  We packed up the bike and made our way across the highway, past the cemetery, through the old streets lined with ancient maple trees and elegant turn of the century homes, across the damn, and back across the highway again.  

Our small brick library sits back on a corner lot overlooking the Willow River.  The large front lawn is speckled with more ancient oaks and maples, perfect for a picnic or as it happened to be yesterday, a petting zoo.  The traveling zoo hosted exotic animals such as a camel, a kangaroo, and a lemur, as well as many familiar animals like skunks, ducks, rabbits, llamas, and a white raccoon.  Luke enjoyed them all, but was really drawn to the fainting goats and spent an hour watching this beautiful bird.  We're pretty sure it's a mourning dove, but he’s planning on looking it up this afternoon in his bird book.  

I think it’s colors would make a beautiful skein of yarn, don’t you? 
Also, I think we may end up with a few fainting goats on the farm.  

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