Nine Lives of a Ball of Yarn: NINE

Whew.   That was a nasty four day long stomach flu that found it's way through a few of us in the house and stopped me in my tracks.  Many little people tried to bring me grape juice and knitting, but alas, I was too sick to knit.  {I told you it was bad.}  I did drink the grape juice, though.  My mom always made me ice cold grape juice when I was sick.  It works, along with tons of sleep and a few get well kisses on the forehead.

Today, I finally felt well enough to finish up the ninth and final project in the Nine Lives Series.  {Thanks so much for your patience, btw.}

A request from Mike.  A scarf with the following features:
*Long enough to tuck into the front of his coat but not so long that it hangs out the bottom of the coat.
*A hole in the middle so that the scarf stays put with only one wrap around the neck.

I hope to have a look book and all the patterns ready for sale on Friday, so stop back and take a peek!

p.s. Looking for other inspiring knitters?  Join in with Ginny for her weekly Yarn Along, and see what everyone's working on!

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