Nine Lives of a Ball of Yarn: {4}

I've been needing {wanting} a pair of these forever.  The go everywhere, boring, brown mud boots needed a little pick ~ me ~ up.  Plus, they help keep wind out.  

Boot Cuffs.  

Until tomorrow...


  1. FABULOUS! I was just talking with a friend yesterday, who said he wanted to make his own wool felt bootliners, which intrigued me. Now YOU come up with this, which leads me to thoughts of a super-warm AND stylish boot. Awesome!

  2. This is so great! I also have a plain nondescript pair of grayish barn boots.

  3. Thanks:) Cole mentioned a whole sock with the cuff, too! hmmmm. I think this may be my favorite of the whole series.

  4. These look wonderful! So warm and cosy, the pictures are beautiful. hugs Laura x

  5. LOVE these boot cuffs & the gorgeous shades in your wool go perfectly with the wellie boots.


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