A Winter Walk with Wool

If you were to take a winter walk with through the north woods of Wisconsin, 

you'll want to layer up with a pair of wool socks and a plaid flannel shirt,
{Blue Plaid Flannel BulkyYarn}

to keep Jack Frost at bay.
{Jack Frost Worsted Yarn}

 Winding through the many generations of blue spruce,
{Blue Spruce Worsted Yarn}

speckles of bright red winter berries are painted in the reflection of the trickling water,
{Winter Berries Bulky Yarn}

 just above the creekbeds.
{Creekbed Bulky Yarn}

Tread softly on the snow, and you may hear the song of the Thrush, a casual winter visitor of the midwest.
{Thrush Sock Yarn}

Smells from the woodstove fill the air,
{Woodstove Bulky Yarn}

 and a faint flicker of candle light welcomes you home.
{Candle Light Worsted Yarn}

I'll be back here on Monday with the beginning of our annual 12 Days of Christmas celebration.  Yep, we're a little behind this year, but it should be fun!}

Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with love and celebration~

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