Yarn Along

A day late, but better than never!  I'm joining in with Ginny for her weekly Yarn Along, over at Small Things. 


I'm almost done with the fingerless gauntlets for a friend.  The original pair was knit with Blue Sky Alpaca Sport but the fabric was too delicate for working in a horse barn, so I ripped them out and added a strand of black worsted.  On size 8's the fabric is really soft and flexible, but thick enough to be warm and comforting in an unheated barn durning our frigid Wisconsin winters.  Even at opera length {21" to be exact}  they're a really fast knit but ahhhhhh I ran out of black worsted an inch before the end.  My friend, in her unconventional ways said, "Just knit the last inch with another color.  How about red?"  I'm going to try it, even though it will take every ounce of will I have not to finish it in black!!  

What are you working this week?