Free Knitting Pattern: Treasure Pouch

Because you can never have too many hand knit pouches to carry your treasures....

Free Knitting Pattern:  Treasure Pouch

Jitterbug in Popcicle ~ Fingering Weight Yarn
Size 3 double pointed needles
Darning needle

Finished Measurements:
about 2" tall
{For a larger bag, you could use worsted weight wool with size 6 needles}

CO 29 sts.  Join, being careful not to twist.
*k1, sl 1 wyif  Repeat from * around for 5 rounds.
Increase 1 stitch, k around. {30 sts}
*k2, yo  Repeat from * around {45sts}
Continue to knit around for 1.5"
*k7, k2tog Repeat from * around
*k6 k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k5 k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k4 k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k3, k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k2, k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k1, k2tog Repeat from * around
*k2tog Repeat from * around
Break yarn and sew through remaining stitches.  
Pull tight and darn in ends.

For the cord, make an 8" braid and tie off both ends.  
Feed the cord through the yo holes at the top of pouch.


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