Hemp Makes Me Happy

Hand dyed hemp fabric makes me so happy.  Besides the fact that I LOVE hand dyeing anything I can get my hands on, this batch of hemp/organic cotton fabric evolved out of necessity.  My boys and I are a little picky about the clothing we wear. {Luke's pretty much go with the flow, but the rest of us have Taxtile Sensitivity}  They don't want things poking them like seams, buttons and zippers, and there has to be a certain degree of softness, durability, and functionality. 

As a family, we made a pact for the year that we'd only buy used clothing from thrift stores, but this sensitivity has come to a degree that handmade clothing is the only way to go.  So the guys and I sat down and they gave me a list of qualities they wanted in a pair of pants/shorts:
*Elastic waist {not too tight or too loose}
*DEEP pockets for rocks, shells, and the occasional worm {Note to self:  teach kids to check their own pockets before wash day!}
*Fun earthy colors
*Fabric that was soft, but wouldn't rip if you got caught on a branch running through the woods {I'm guessing that one came from experience!}
*Fabric that would dry quickly

The choice of fabric was easy.  Hemp/Organic Cotton.  I've written about the benefits of hemp in this space before, but it really is the most amazing fabric on earth.  Hempfarm is also a great source of information about this misrepresented plant.

I'll be stitching up lots of shorts for these boys of mine this week, and I also plan on offering them up as a Custom Made to Order in my shop at the end of the month {because I know my boys aren't the only kiddos who have trouble finding eco~friendly, comfortable clothing}

Since I was dyeing fabric anyway, I mixed in some vintage linen napkins I found recently at a garage sale!  They were perfect for our picnic at the park yesterday!

What features do your kids look for in clothing?