Yarn {Inspired by Twine}

Twine.  On the front page of Etsy.  Twelve yards of gorgeous color and oh so me.  I clicked on the photo.  I fell in love....  Nine pages with little works of art.  Just twine.  

Then I thought... Yarn.  I immediately contacted Sarah and proposed hand~dyed color ways inspired by her twines over at fastrunningfox.  She said go for it!  I purchased an array of fibers.  I created my versions.  I displayed them in a bowl on our coffee table for a month deciding whether to keep or sell.  I'm ready to let them go {so I can dye more. hehe}

::  {Scrumptiously soft merino in pinks, purples, yellows, with a drop of green here and there.  I've been dreaming of making this into a light and airy cowl... or squishy socks...  aaaagggghhh, someone please take this one away before I change my mind! }

::  {a mix of last year's oak leaves, fresh moss, and new greens emerging from the earth.  I'm thinking these would look AMAZING as socks inside a pair of Berkies!}

::  {I almost wish I was having another baby, so I could turn this into a Mira Sweater.  I said almost.}

:: {Our Wisconsin bird guide claims the Indigo Bunting may be found in our region, but I have yet to see one in our 20 year stint in this great cheese state.  It's my mission this summer to find said bird covered in shades of brilliant blues, greens and browns}

::  {As sweet as my little Lucas ~ who as it happens made this yarn and then charged me $10 for his time...  It was totally worth it!}

::  {The energy of this color way reminds me of my kids after spending the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa... who just can't say no to sugar.  A little bit crazy ~ mixed with a whole lotta love!}

:: {Lightly twisted with a soft mellow tone.... like me after my morning yoga routine}

:: {You know that place at the bottom of the hill next to the river where you slip off your shoes and socks and wiggle your toes in the thick spongy moss.... well this yarn is just like it.  Merino and silk sock yarn.  For those times when you won't be able to go barefoot.}

::  {Give yarn as a gift and you'll never go wrong.  And don't forget to wrap up your gift with some beautiful twine from Sarah over at fastrunningfox}

All yarns will be available for sale in my Etsy shop through out the day today!  Also, please stop by and visit Ginny's Yarn Along over at Small Things.  The talent over yonder is worth checking out!

What are you working on today?

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