Small Soda Factory

Mike and the boys started a small root beer soda factory in our kitchen yesterday! 

He's been collecting these returnables from a customer for about a month now ~ aren't they the greatest bottles ever!  The reusable snap lids remind me of steamy summers at the lake, drinking tall glass bottles of ice cold Orange Sunkist until my brother and I were sick!

The ingredients were super easy::  a bottle of root beer extract from the homemade soda companysome honey, molasses, brown sugar, cane sugar, and yeast from the market, along with a 5 gallon bucket and spigot from the hardware store.  Sorry, I can't share the recipe.  Apparently, it's so top secret that I was asked to leave the room while the guys measured and mixed.  I'm told that in about 24 hours the yeast will ferment with the sugars, creating carbon dioxide {aka. carbonation} and we can pour it over ice cream for root beer floats!  mmmm... I can't wait!

What fun treats have you made recently?

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