Scribble Drawings

Who::  Adults and Children. 

What::  Scribble Drawings. My husband created this game when the boys were vey little and would say, "I can't draw." One person closes their eyes and wildly scribbles on a sheet of paper.  Another person turns the paper this way and that trying to find a "picture" within the scribble. 

Where::  Snuggled up on the sofa, accompanied by a large bucket of popcorn!

When::  Any time you or your kids have a creative block.

Why::  Because it's fun, you'll laugh a lot, and it almost always leads to an abundance of creative endeavors.

How do you and your family overcome creative blocks?


  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. We just get outside and smell the fresh air and come back to it later...

    1. Scribbling and drawing are the first steps in education to write. Scribbles may not make any intelligence to a mature. They look like a lot of loops, lines, and scribbles. But these marks are very important to a young child also my students who are interesting in drawing and also learning at Elite assignment help - http://www.eliteassignment.co.uk/ , Its one way of writing her thoughts. Drawing and scribbling are the first steps in using the skills children will want later for writing.

    2. Nice post. Your husband created nice game. Scribble Drawings are a popular technique in art therapy and can be used in different ways. Some of my students take assignment help Sydney from me like Scribble Drawings. Identifying how scribbling imitates the growing understanding of a child’s control over their body, parents can play a role in facilitating the process. Parents should stay away from directing the child’s hands or correcting their drawings at any stage.

    3. Good Scribble Drawings created by your husband. We often do scribble drawings at restaurants while waiting for our food. One of the emergent literacy activities that students who take help with personal statement also love to scribble on a piece of paper. But if you were a skeptic, you might wonder whether children are doing this because they want to see the marks they make or whether they just like exercising their hand and arm in that way.

  2. Fun!

    Sometimes we do collaborative drawing: one person starts the drawing and then another finishes it.

    My kids love the Taro Gomi books, too. Each page has an unfinished picture and you are supposed to add all the details.

    Going outside for fresh air helps a lot, too.

  3. My dad used to do this with me and I do it with my kids that I teach!

  4. Ooh, I'm going to check out Taro Gomi books! I've never heard of them:)

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