Nature Notebook

Nature Notebooks.  We have many.  Filled with inspiring photos, sketches, project ideas, observations & dreams that we never want to forget....

This winter we wondered through many properties trying to find just the right land to start our off grid homestead, but over the last six months this eight acre parcel keeps sneaking it's way back into our lives.  We traveled north again last weekend to see how it faired without the thirty six inches of snow, and I'm pleased to say it fits almost all our criteria.  We'll see... and only time will tell.  We're going to wait another month until the ground thaws out completely and venture northward up the highway again to make sure the ground it good and solid {we've walked through a lot of swamps in the last six months}.  Crossing our fingers that all goes well!

{The perfect home for a brood of chickens}

{A little log cabin nestled in among the trees}

{Look at all that room for an orchard and gardens!}

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